Windmill Noise v.02

This is essentially the same exact post from many years ago. But I was hoping to breathe some new life (suggestions) into it.

The video joelanich created is spot on in regards to the noise mine is making.

The various suggestions:

1. To leave it be as it is normal on some (not ready to do that)
2. Oil the gear on the left of the large oscillating roller… (tried that and sadly, it’s no different)
3. Remove the form rollers (the noise was the same with or without the rollers)

For the record the press is very new to me and I have oiled every possible point I could locate using Mobil DTE Extra Heavy (thanks, Jason : ), but don’t have the oil gun to get into the port/nipple dealies. I also engaged the central oiling system following the instructions on the back.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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Get an oil gun

Baffed pinion and cam gear. If you don’t mind the noise no harm. Just slop in the two gears. But they are the two most expensive so live with it is my suggestion.

@Mike Conway — I located one. Unfortunately, the full oil treatment has made no difference in the noise. The press itself will be happier I’m sure.

@Nick Howard Thanks. Is the pinion and cam gear in reference to specific parts in the press parts catalog (which I have) and possibly out of my limited knowledge of the press to repair?

keep pushing oil into the press it will help it not hurt it..
I rescued a platen that had grease in the oil nipples I am still flushing with kerosene and light oil

Actually in your case grease or liquid grease, is ideal in this part of machine. tackier the better. The big cam gear and the pinion gear -which is part of the long shaft that also holds the flywheel, are in the parts book. You need to pull the clutch and flywheel, and also pull the mating cam gear. Its a fairly big job and all you will get is a quieter press. No change in performance. These parts are available from various dealers. But make sure they are new and hopefully not Chinese.