What is this item? Foil/Windmill Related

I am recently a proud owner of Heidelberg Windmill (Black ball) with a foil attachment. I bought it sight unseen from Wirebids. It seems to be in great condition and includes a lot of little extras. But at least one of the extras is unidentifiable to me. I have attached the photo of it. My best guess is some sort of foil spooler? I have not done much foil work so for that part I’m a little out of my depth..


image: whatIsThis.jpg


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Looks like a foil cutter a must have for serious foil stamping

It’s a Foilcutter, you clamp the Foil on the right and the handle in front moves left / right and if you push it forward cuts the Foil in smaller rolls. Standard Master rolls are 24 inch wide, they come in 2 core sizes, 1 “inch size for Kensol at al and 1/2” for most windmill systems, your’s should have come with both core sizes.

Where are you located. And would you sell it.