Line-O-Scribe 1114

Hi all, possibly getting our hands on one of these found in a warehouse. The press itself looks in good shape. It was night and dark and not easy to see. I’m hoping to go back for a better look. I also saw the sloping cabinet with metal type and wood numbers so I’m hoping the whole thing is there, desk, type cabinet, press etc. It’d be a nice find. Anyway, not sure about finding parts if needed. Are they available? From reading up about it they used wedges to secure the type and blocks, maybe quoins? These things I would need to source.


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Wow that’s a find if it is all there. You won’t find spares.
It is a showcard press, speed of setting for signs is important so the type is often set in lines with magnetic quoins at the foot.

image: Line.jpg


My 1422 looks like the picture from platenprinter. I lock up type with furniture and quoins. You can lock up type in a chase, then lock the forme in the Line-o-scribe bed. I have several posters that I take to schools for hands on learning experiences.

Going back at noon tomorrow. May walk out with it so we’ll see. I’m hoping its in as good a shape as I think it is.

This is it. Tips on cleaning?

image: 44318287-61F0-4E11-9E54-38BEA0FDFCF9.jpeg


image: F9CE1F34-7EA3-4D5D-B6AD-9F48A5F74D13.jpeg


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