Inking issue on windmill redball 10x15

Dear community, I am having trouble getting good prints from my windmill. Pls see photo attached.

I have tried changing rolls, adjusting the height of the roller, adjusting the packing but the prints are still not clean. The bad prints seem to be around the center of the plate and is not specifically at just one spot. It hovers around that area.

It seems like the roller places too much ink or didnt ink the plate well, resulting in the prints not being sharp.

I use shore 30 rolls, which for past 2 years gave me good prints. And recently due to this problem, roll supplier advise me to try shore 40, which still results in the same problem.

Anyone came across such problem? Would appreciate any advice greatly!

image: sample2.JPG


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What do you use to wash up with?

Have you checked the plate under magnifying glass?
Or very basic, checked the platen packing for damage.
I must admit I’m one of the old school printers brought up on kiss impression and am amazed at the detail I can hold using good quality coated stock and polymer plates.

Hi there,

Did you manage to sort this problem out? I am having the same problem on my Heidelberg.

much appreciated

I recently had a problem where inking was poor and inconsistent roughly in the middle of the plate area. Everything looked fine with the plate. What I eventually discovered was that small amounts of oil were being thrown from the gripper apparatus onto the middle area of the rollers and mixing imperceptibly with the ink, causing it to not adhere to the plate (I had just done the weekly oiling). Now I’m very careful to thoroughly wipe down everything on that part of the press before printing and haven’t had the problem reoccur since then. Maybe this could be the simple solution to your issue?