Loud clanking? Golding Pearl No. 3

All has been well with my Golding Pearl No 3 press these past few months, but I’m afraid to say yesterday I packed her too much and she just kind of seized and froze. The wheel bolt came loose, so I tightened it but the press has been making this loud banging noise and slight jerk ever since.

I also did a few test prints (with extremely minimal packing - I’ve learned my lesson) and it seems that the platen could have moved/ be moving? As I test printed, a few prints were fine and a few others didn’t meet the plate in a few spots.

I’ve inspected the press, and there are no cracks that I can see. I’m hoping that is a good sign. Two videos are below at different angles.

Any suggestions?


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I would still suspect the flywheel is not tight and is moving. Symptoms you describe are typical of a loose flywheel which sometimes can be difficult to detect.

I have something like that on a Pearl No 1, look at the gear teeth you may have lost one.

Inspect the upper main frame where the large shaft on which the platen pivots passes through the frame, as well as where that shaft passes through the platen arm. Also check carefully around the back of the press, on the platen arm where it connects to the impression toggle. Those are all stress points when the press is pushed too hard. Pearl presses are not good candidates for heavy impression.