Angled Chandler & Price Chase

Hi All,

I recently acquired some new accessories for my C&P and got this chase. Does anyone know why the inner rectangle is angled rather than squared up to the 90 degree of the outer edge?

Thank you!

image: IMG_5233.JPG


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I just read about that. It’s to improve inking — the image removes ink from the rollers in a spiral rather than in longitudinal stripes, thus making it less likely that you’ll have ghosting. Can’t remember where I saw it, though — sorry!



Thanks so much for the input! That makes total sense. Thanks for clearing it up.


It’s not just about the ink removal, but also about roller pressure. The rollers don’t just bump over the lines, but instead ramp up onto the composition and remain supported right until the end of the forme. It’s pretty smart and a good thing to have if you also have the press it matches!


It’s called a bias chase.

Bob, you read about them on Skyline Type’s recent post. Sky is now making and selling a bias furniture set that does the same thing. You will see where I needed them in my next APA submission.

That’s where it was! Thanks, Heather. Too many inputs in a short circuited memory!