Squintani Model 5 details required

Carrying on with my search for information on the Model 5, I discovered an anomaly created by the previous owner. It seems the inking roller assembly is upside down and there is about a 3mm gap between the roller and the inking plate. Will have to dismantle this and work out what the guy did wrong. Some close up photos from anyone that has this or a Model 6 would be useful.

In the meantime, I have finished the work table (yes, it is not to the original design but I have not been able to find any images of what that would have looked like and this is functional). Also, I am in the process of designing the 7”x11” chase. If anyone has the actual dimensions, that would be grand otherwise I will have to make a mockup from wood and then see about getting some forged or cast.

image: IMG_20180616_080738939.jpg


image: IMG_20180616_080808631.jpg


image: IMG_20180616_080822131.jpg


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Best feed table since Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times.

image: Feed Table.jpg

Feed Table.jpg

There is a picture of a No6 in this set and a couple of ads. https://www.flickr.com/photos/75606019@N08/albums/72157638161138473

Modern Times, one of my favourite movies.

Thanks platenprinter. I have gone through your pics before but unfortunately the Model 6 does not provide sufficient resolution to see what I am looking for. The ads are all at variance to my version of press.

Here are a couple of close ups to show what I am talking about.

image: IMG_20180624_124015445_HDR.jpg


image: IMG_20180624_123939931.jpg


Awesome feed table!

Still haven’t worked out the ink feeder, but chase prototype #1 tested this weekend. Prototype #2 is in the works. We’ll then run tests with the rollers to see about the inking table issue.

The results look good. Platen needed a lot of adjustment to get the pressures even.

Here are a a couple of pictures showing the setting up of the tympan and packing, testing pressures with carbon paper, and the first impression for, like, years!!

Excuse the hickeys, it was some rubbish ink ;)

image: IMG_20181021_110525478.jpg


image: IMG_20181021_110439871_HDR.jpg


image: IMG_20181021_114641896.jpg


Also, I am going to get maybe 10 or so chases made up. Anyone want a chase for a Squintani?

In passing Squintani’s London address was in Bishopsgate,
alongside todays Liverpool Street station. Back in the 1890s he (or they) advertised regularly in a humorous magazine for adults called Funny Folks, with pics of the presses. I sold my own lovely No 4 (sob) and its now in the west of Ireland. There is a guy somewhere up in Derbyshire who knows about Model presses. or try Bob Richardson at St Bride’s

Another milestone. Gripper bar is done (this was missing on the press when purchased).

image: IMG_20181223_175737764.jpg


Have emailed St Bride Foundation Library a couple of times. Never got a reply, so not a useful option.

Why do you end up with two copies of a message after an edit?

The library was only open on Wednesdays, then closed for a while and now only open to researchers who book in advance. Bob Richardson is the fount of all knowledge and you can contact him through the Adana Letterpress Facebook Group. [Note fount not font :) ]

Given I am literally on the other side of the globe, opening hours are not relevant. But the information is useful. I’ll try the FB group. Cheers :)
Here’s a link to a video of the gripper bar

Alan, do you mean the inking rollers are 3mm above the disk, or that the metal fountain roller is? The metal fountain roller doesnt contact the disk, the inking rollers touch it when they reach the top of the cycle-if it’s like other fountains I’ve seen