Heidelberg Windmill Hot Foil Unit Questions

Hi there,

I have a Heidelberg Windmill Redball that came with foil stamping capabilities. I am attaching a variety of photos because I’m out of my depth with this thing. I’ve foil stamped before, so I know the general principals and setup.

1) How do I feed foil through this? I might have some kind of bar that could, perhaps, mount underneath the chase area for foil wrap up? Otherwise there is that mystery bar behind the press??

2) How would I lockup this foil base? It has so many cords coming out of it.. (Yes, I realize some of those cords have seen better days, so they might be a safety hazard, haha.)

3) Just any general advice about this foil setup and it’s function would be great. I am uncertain how to search for it to find anything like a manual or anything..

Bonus question: Can I use my fountain with this setup? I cannot figure out how to drop down the fountain tray..was going to clean it/dust it when I first got the press but was unable to. Also there is no numbered gauge for setting the fountain.

Help!! :) Thank you!

EDIT: Of course image uploading isn’t working, hold on…

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Hopefully this link will lead you to an album of photos! :)

hey there.
PURPLE: is a foil guide rod
BL/YELLOW: is the area to lock plate into the chase. I would find and use a few layers of MICA to insulate the plate from furniture.
YELLOW: looks like the clamp to put cables in. this should keep them from getting mashed.
LT BLUE: is a bunter post for attaching the die. you need a minimum of 2.
ORANGE: is one of the power plugs.
the shielded thermocouple prob screws into the bottom or top.
There is a rod with brackets that mounts down below the chase area. that is where foil goes. The problem with this set up is, there is only so much room in there when it closes. It then forces you into small rolls; A) 400ft? or less; and ordering foil on 1/2 inch cores.
It looks to be fairly complete except for the lower foil rod. I am wondering if they didnt try running foil through the frame . That might explain the extra rod and pillow block bearings on the back. if so, that would Really cut into options as far as working area.
Good luck

image: wndmllhtplt_LI.jpg


Thanks, Ericm!

I should have that rod, I’ll poke through my box of supplies. And a bunch of random foil came with the press, so hopefully it is mostly stuff that will work with this setup!

So do I only need to lock the base up in the one direction, then? As opposed to one vertical quoin and one horizontal?

if you have some short furniture and can work around the wires, then do it both ways. Your set up may change to meet requirements of specific jobs. But, a heat plate like this cannot be locked up “Too good”.

Ok, that makes sense.

I found the foil rod! Now..how to attach it?

The way that seems obvious (unscrew bottom bolts until I can slide notches of the foil attachment on, tighten bolts again) …cannot be done with the chase in there.

My next move would be to attach to the front of those bottom “base” pieces (the first photo)..but there isn’t any spot to screw into? Or maybe I’m not seeing something.

Photos attached, hopefully my explanation makes sense. :)

image: IMG_20180626_153900.jpg


image: IMG_20180626_153842.jpg


image: IMG_20180626_153834.jpg


Or, it is possible that, that specific foil bracket was never in that specific press. Many times, things get “thrown together” and not really looked into. Your best bet may be to find someone who knows a bit of drilling and tapping and have some mount holes/bolts/brackets put in there for you. Look for unused holes down the sides right there. there maybe some “L” brackets used to bring the vertical side surface to horizontal.

Thanks for the input, Eric! I’m not sure, I’ll have to keep investigating.. the notches on this foil bar fit the screws under the platen there (the first picture) exactly so it seems like it was made for this press. But it’s hard to get it screwed on…hmmm… :)

Annie- That’s the correct foil bar for the press.

The two metal blocks hang down and the two slots slide onto the bolts. Basically, turn the bracket 180 degrees from it’s position in the second to last photo.

John, The rail hangs, what looks to be upside down? with the foil roll clamps/guides hanging down then? I dont know. i dont have a foil unit for my mill.

If you desire not to do foil stamping I would be interested in buying the heat plate.