poor richard type face

Does anybody have a source for this typeface.

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McGrew shows the late Duane Scott, as contributing the sample of the Poor Richard typeface, by Keystone. If you are looking for who might have that face, now, you might try to contact Rachel Scott, his daughter, who is a contributor to the LETPRESS list.

Dave Greer

Very interesting. First, Poor Richard is an especially nice ‘Arts & Crafts’ style face. Unfortunately it was issued in 1919, at just the time that the Arts & Crafts style was crapping out. In fact, it was pretty much totally out of vogue in another ten years.

Also unfortunately, Keystone’s last catalog was issued in 1919 and the company was sold to American Type Founders at about this time. ATF chose not to offer Poor Richard, so it also had a very short period of time that it was available for purchase, which goes a long ways to explain why it is so hard to find.

I am very fortunate to have two fonts of Poor Richard, 14 and 42 point.