subject to tariffs

Were you thinking of buying a Chinese made letterpress and jumping into the printing business? You may have missed your window of financial opportunity. Noticed on the list of items subject to 25% tariffs starting Friday imported from China are:
84431400…Letterpress printing machinery, excluding flexographic printing, reel fed.
as well as,
84439110…Machines for uses ancillary to printing.

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This won’t actually impact me at all, since I don’t have an inclination to buy printing equipment from the Chinese.

Back when I was in the business full time, I used a few Chinese made clones of American and European machines and found them to be inferior in fit, finish, and materials. I’ve found the same thing in machine tools, too. Yes they were cheaper back then, as they are now…. but you get what you pay for.

I didn’t know anyone was still making letterpress equipment.