Help! When is this press from? The serial number doesn’t make sense…

Hi! I’ve never seen a c&p model like this. This new style Chandler and Price was clearly made late in the game because it actually has a motor and adjustable speed incorporated. But the serial number on platen (NB635) doesn’t match up with the lists I’ve looked at (and others too). I’d say it was switched out or something but it doesn’t match up with any numbers. The press had a ton of beautiful c&p logos cast into it (the brake pedal is beautiful with c&p patterned to be the grip) and there are a ton of numbers cast into all the parts (I’m guessing oart numbers). Anyone familiar with this press?

image: Press itself

Press itself

image: Serial number NB635

Serial number NB635

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It’s a Model N Chandler and Price press from the mid/late 50s or early 60s. I don’t think there is a list of serial numbers for the Model N press… but you can find some literature about the machines here: