Type identification

Can someone identify the type in the attached photo? It looks awfully familiar to me but I can’t identify it. It’s definitely NOT what the label says, Art Gothic.

image: typeID.jpg


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This looks like Acanthus, a typeface originally cast by Benton, Waldo & Co. of Milwaukee. ATF continued to cast it and it is shown in the 1895 Bluebook on page 369. A rare gem.

I’m curious, does the type have an ATF pin mark or could there be a Benton, Waldo pin mark—a mark that has not been documented, as far as I know?

It’s not my type - I posted the query for Andrew Churchman. It has no pinmark except the size, so it was my guess that it was cast by ATF. (I’ve scanned and David MacMillan has posted a small Benton Waldo specimen book online:

but the booklet doesn’t show any pinmark.)

When SOS is puzzled, you know it’s something unusual

My font of 24-point Acantha has ‘24’ inside of the circular pin, which I guess is early ATF.

Dave Greer

Duplicate post

My apologies. The typeface is called Acantha (not Acanthus), as Dave Greer has noted.