Not an A in sight

I just emptied and resorted a case of copperplate. Largish font, must have been 3 or 4 packages of type when laid- only 6 E, and absolutely no A. Disgruntled former employee somewhere along the line?

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Like a jigsaw puzzle with one piece missing. Must be frustrating. If you can identify the font, maybe you can get one of the few wood-type makers left to make you some A’s?

Through ingenious composition of words, eschewing the use of the first letter of our writing system should be within the sphere of possibility.

Well done.

I definitely have likewise had cases sabotaged in this way, where compositors about to be made finally and permanently redundant, as hot metal came to an end, with them having done five or six year apprenticeships and then maybe a lifetimes working in an extraordinary trade with its remarkable relationship with its workers, and with all its companionship, all coming to an end. Desperately upset men, many quite un-retrain-able for another trade, one can understand a little of how they felt. So if they thought that the boss was going to sell on to another, or maybe even some amateur with an Adana, then some A’s went into the hell box. I am quite certain this happened, indeed actually saw it happen in one case. Mr Baldwin, whats the face, and the size?

It’s 6pt copperplate light #3 (next to largest size), ATF I think. There’s a story there for sure, I wonder what it was. You might have it right, although some other fonts from the same place were OK