Moving Type Cabinets

I have four type cabinets to move in addition to 3 br home and print shop. we usually take cases out and stack them and move cabinets that way, replacing cases after cabinets are in their new home. However, I could use a temporary storage solution rather than having to move these items in one day. I was thinking of a POD or ReloCube or similar. Anyone ever try this? Other options?

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They should be safe in a POD or something similar. I would recommend using movers cellophane wrap to tightly wrap them so the cases stay put.


Take cases out of the cabinet. Put cabinet in pod or similar. Put cases back in cabinet. This takes up less room.
Good luck on your move

Put the first empty cabinet into the POD with its back against a wall then refill the cases. Then place the second empty cabinet in front of the first one so it will block the cases from sliding out of the first cabinet. REPEAT. The last cabinet will need some other piece of furniture in front of it to block the cases in place.

Other important tip:Each typecase is basically (for the most part) divided into three sections with thick front-to-back braces between the sections. These braces are taller than the dividers for each compartment. CUT corrugated cardboard to fit over each section of each case inside the dividers and sides of the case.This will PREVENT small type and spacing from jumping around from one compartment into others. This occurs when your container is bouncing around when being driven in transit.

Cases should fit right back into the cabinet with the corrugated cardboard in place.

I have over 2,000 fonts of handset type in my basement shop so I do know a little about transporting type over the decades. Nothing worse than pied type.


Thanks for all the great tips! Unfortunately, I live in an area that is not service by PODS or similar, except for the corregated ones that U-Haul uses. My alternative idea was to rent a UHaul truck and use it like a POD, loading in my driveway and then driving to the destination when ready.

The last time I moved type was at UAFS, where we just had to move across campus on a nice day, so we were able to shrink wrap the cases to pallets and drive them over with a fork lift. Probably can’t do that across town, however…