Kelsey Excelsior 5x8 Model P

I found this letterpress at a really good price locally. I’m trying to figure out how much work I will need to put into it to get it up and running. The listing says that it needs a chase and new rollers. However this is my first time buying a press, will cleaning it up and buying the new parts be enough to get it working? Am I missing any obvious problems?

image: 46514117_573482523097532_5341374659638067200_n.jpg


image: 46829231_573482443097540_8794341985516257280_n.jpg


image: 46501089_573482393097545_1817905415531266048_n.jpg


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At the minimum, you’ll need rollers, roller trucks and a chase.

Then you’ll need quoins, type and/or a base for polymer plates, gauge pins, tympan paper and inks.


If you received what is shown in the accompanying photos the chase is present…

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