Proper distance between platen and feed board? C&P Old

Before mounting a feed board it would be nice to know what a safe distance would be from the platen. 1/2”, 1”, 2”? Factory distance?

Thanks in advance for the assistance

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Not so close as to hit of course, but don’t create a “pinch point”. After that, i would think whatever is comfortable.

Concurring with Eric m as above, Yes hands on and a little experimenting will point the way, plus the observation that across the range, different stock will feed and be fed at varying rates.!

One little gimmick *for want of a better expression* the >Old Boys< would effectively separate the stock before commencing to feed,
i.e. whether it were Card or Quality paper, they took a Ream at a time, sat it down on the work surface, and then with just *knuckle* of the second finger described circles about 1” to 1 1/2” inches right in the centre of the stack, gradually makes the stock appear to become a spiral staircase, THEN knocked back up to position for feeding, effectively, and minutely separating.

Couple of *Bookbinders/Finishers* finger stools in the shop are always good news.

Same system often works on Auto Feed(ers), where static is rife in the stack, AND/OR lack of Blast or lack of separator fingers is involved.

Bryant, ! Maybe, welcome and Happy Xmas is in order.

Good Luck. Mick. U.K. 05/12/ 2018.

One suggestion. To protect against getting your fingers, knuckles or whatever from injury, make up the back fence of your feed board from thinner stock, and attach it with brads or others fasteners that will pull out if excess pressure is applied. I have seen this on a few feedboards and it makes the invariable “Oh Biscuits” moment much less hazardous.

More than the width of your thumb! I learned this the hard way…

Thanks for the comments and pointers! Sounds like it will be mounted today about the width of the knuckle on my thumb. Good idea about the brad nails Mike, like it.
And thanks for the welcome Mick. Most of what you said doesn’t make sense with only a few minutes of run time on a press but will have a boo at that again with more experience :)