What was the long bar used for?

Hello All,
I found these items in my latest buy. I was wondering what the long bar was used for. Thanks in advance!

image: DSCN43742.JPG


image: bar1.JPG


image: DSCN43712.JPG


image: DSCN43751.JPG


image: DSCN43761.JPG


image: DSCN43771.JPG


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Little bit tricky. ?

a pic would be nice. other wise who knows? lifting stuff? lol

I say we all belly up to the bar.

OH! Of course! the long bar. more people! lol

Theres a real long bar at St Pancras for the waiting Paris train travellers. (Thats St Pancras railway station in London UK folks)

It won’t download my picture. Tips?

Figured it out. Picture added. Thanks

? possibly a strip of decorative border. Is it type high ? possibly a .064” zinco or process etched plate mounted on hardwood, just guess,s.
5 out of ten for posting, few marks deducted for the resolution. !
Full marks for taking so much stick.

I posted a picture of the broken piece of the same object. It’s solid on both sides and hollow behind it.

That sounds like a stereotype duplicate plate. As suggested, could be a border, but also could be cut into individual blocks. Top left looks like a Santa with gifts to me; are they all holiday images?

The bar is 19 3/8 inches long and 3/4 inches wide. I added close up pictures of a few characters on the bar.

Just another guess, is the pattern repeated every 2nd, 3rd, 4th block of images, and could they be dismounted as individual units, and are they (individually) 4 ems wide or thereabouts or 5 ems 6 ems maybe, if so they could well be used as (certificate) border style ornaments with,
4/5/6, em corner pieces, possibly from the Monotype Supercaster/Giant Caster U.K. - U.S.

Perhaps used in border fashion with Fleur-de-lis, symbol at all 4 corners, even in 2 colours! as we did (***) below, a long time ago and before Typographers (whatever they are) and layout artists were ever conceived, and also long before the fore-runner of *Clip Art* was the norm, the one snag with that system was the >short cut< merchants would remove the image from the page. and then paste it in with their make up, to shoot on camera, to turn into a Plate, the images were generally that good.

My usual apologies for rubbish, but may prompt some genuine info.?

(***) Even on a humble little Adana H.S.3. in 3 passes (admittedly) we printed the text of the certificate in Red, Green or Blue, and then the border (frame) in Black, and the 4 corners in Red, something for the New Devotees to aspire too maybe.
The colours above, were about the limit of Colours available, then, with Adana Starter kits generally. (***)

Toys and Holly, Christmas decoration. The closeup images do look like stereotype, which is a duplicate plate molded from original photoengravings or typefoms. Stereos may be cast in solid metal, or a relatively thick layer on wood or other mount.

Thanks for all the help.