Baryta paper

I need to take letterpress ‘pulls’ of type to scan and enlarge in order to make blocks. Back in the day, working in book publishing, I used to order in galley proofs of Monotype setting that were pulled on a paper known as ‘baryta’: it had a white, soft, coated surface that gave very accurate reproduction of the type. These pulls were then photographed for printing by litho.
Does anyone know if this type of paper is still available, or alternatively, what other papers work as well? There’s a lot on the www about ‘baryta’ paper but it seems to refer to photographic papers and I’m not sure if this is the same thing.
I think someone may have mentioned this type of paper in a post a few months ago but I can’t find the reference. If it still is still available, a UK source would be ideal.
Thanks in advance for any advice or recommendations.

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I would think almost any dull-coated paper, probably 70 or 80lb text weight, would give good clean proofs. A good white supercalendered paper might also give good results, but it would have a bit of sheen to the surface. Dull coated would photograph better.


Bob is correct, a matte-surface coated paper stock will work well in pulling proofs of type forms for scanning or further processing. Vandercook and other suppliers made a paper for pulling repro proofs which was coated on one side and blue or green on the back and the back surface was made to be “pasted up” along with photocomposition with wax or rubber cement.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Geoff, Probably still yes for availability.??
Between the late 60,s almost into the early 80,s used nothing but Baryta.
As implied above for Repro proofing Monotype (authors own) for transfer to Litho use, even for a short time to *back up* Monophoto output.
*MONOPHOTO* eventually sucummed to amongst others, Monotype,s own >LASERCOMP<

Until the eventual death for most of us, G. F. Smith in london & Hull, sourced/supplied BARYTA

If You have no success whatsoever, ! may be able to find a few sheets of original stock.
Mick. Sussex.

As John Henry noted, the so-called “repro paper” in the U.S. had that colored back and had the brand name Relyon. I have a bunch of 9x12 lightweight sheets, but it’s still heavy, 50 sheets weigh about a pound. Overseas shipment would be very expensive, but I can supply them to anyone in the U.S. at $20 postpaid for 50 sheets in a priority flat rate envelope.

The P.R. Representative for the Type Museum in London may have limited stocks of *Baryta* still available. ???