Letterpress in Asheville, NC

My wife and I will be in Asheville, NC soon and are wondering if there are any must-see letterpress stops in the area. Thanks in advance for any ideas!


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Asheville Bookworks could be a good place to start.


I think that Asheville Book Works closed. You might email Laurie to see if she is open on a limited basis.

There are other letterpress printers and artists in the area and Frank Brannon is over in Cherokee. If the Asheville Book Works website still lists its faculty, many of them are local. It was a great place to take a class and learn to use the machinery.


Being that (comparatively) close to Clemmons, N.C. would a quick stop over at *The Tarheel Roller & Brayer Co.* >CIRCA 1913 and counting< perhaps a resume on B.P. might be interesting. ?

Even from this distance, 6,000 miles + a few in the U.K. have had help and advice, re Rollers etc.

Thanks to all for the assistance.

Mark Olson’s Innerer Klang Letterpress is in Ashville


We had a chance to peek into Mark’s shop, thanks to the kindness of Mark’s next door neighbor Walt, even though Mark himself was not in. We understood from Walt that Mark has some health challenges that lately have limited his time in the shop. Here’s hoping that things improve for Mark and we can make his aquaintence next time we are in Asheville.