Shorter Type Gauge/Pica Pole

Is there a shorter than 12” Type Gauge? Say, 10”, 8” or 6” ?


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I’ve never seen one, but it should be pretty easy to cut a longer one down to whatever length is desired. I bought one at a second-hand store that has a bend in it. One like that would be a good candidate for bobbing off.

NA Graphics and several other vendors offer a 6 inch “pocket” line gauge. Comes with a sliding clip. Maybe $5 or so.

Gaebel used to make a 6” version of the standard hooked line gauge, but it isn’t in production now. You might find it eventually on eBay, but far more common is the aluminum linecaster’s gauge. They don’t have inches though, just lines in 12-point, 10-point, and 8-point.
The 6” pocket gauge at NA is nice in that it has inch, metric, pica, and point scales.

I have the pocket version with the sliding clip but have lost the clip and it’s not that useful. I’d love one with the hook at the end just smaller, maybe even like the pocket one just the original shape. I’ll look into making one, then.