Chandler and Price Craftsman 12 x 18 1925?

Hi all,

I am helping a senior friend find a new home for what I believe is a Chandler and Price Craftsman 12 x 18 ca. 1925 press, with a Kludge sheet feeder.

Neither he nor I know anything about presses, but this was used in his grand Uncle’s print shop in the 50s - 70’s I think he said.

I measured the print bed, but it was more in the 14 x 20 range, but when reviewing the serial numbers ( it really only matches up with a Craftsman 12 x 18 and it is clearly a C&P Craftsman press, so it must be the 12 x 18?

Does that seem right based on the attached photos?

Thank you in advance for any information or advice.


image: IMG_1956-sm.JPG


image: IMG_1966-sm.JPG


image: IMG_1994-sm.JPG


image: IMG_1995-sm.JPG


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According to David Boelter, the Craftsman line was applied to Kluge equipped C & Ps until the cast base machine were released, which were equipped with Rice feeders. So yes, it is a Craftsman!

I apologize for the rotated photos, I am not sure how to correct that, but I will try.

don’t worry about those rotated photos, we’ll just tilt our head to the left!

I think what happened was that Kluge started making their feeder in the 1920s and they were applied to C&P presses. Kluge then introduced their own platen press about 1931 and C&P was forced to develop their own feeder from then on.

Rather than measuring the bed of the press to determine the size, measure instead the inside dimensions of the chase.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Thank you very much for the replies.

I am going to get the chases measured and post this as a classified now that I figured out how to fix up the photos. Hopefully we can find it a good home.