Carbon Motor Brushes for Kimble motor C&P


Does anyone know a good resource/place online to purchase replacement carbon motor brushes for a Kimble Motor? I know what size but when I look online there are several “grades” and deciphering the grade seems to involve a lot of mathematics that are beyond my knowledge. Of course I’ve called a few places and they say “we only carry brushes for GE motors” etc. but I heard that the size was really all that mattered. Is this true? I believe the brushes I have now (although severely worn down) are resin coated carbon. There appears to be a number 45 on the but they are so worn I cannot tell. Thank you!

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length, width, and height are important, yes, but they will prob also want to know what type of lead, or shunt you need. if you can get any info off your motor plate, they maybe able to figger out what you need. this is, the bizzness they are in after all. email me a clear pic of the plate, i can find them.

A few years ago I ordered brushes for a 1/3 HP Kimble motor from Helwig Carbon. I placed the order via their web site, and they shipped the brushes via UPS the next day. I ordered by part number, but there is a brush finder on the site to help choose the right part number

Web Site:

we have helwig here locally, i have found them rather expensive. but if they the only ones to have what you need, then, it is what it is.

I have looked at the Helwig site and there are several choices when I filter by size and carbon-different models and grades so that is what I’m wondering about. I think I called them and could not get through but it was 12/23.

ericm I will email you the pix I have now. I am not at my studio today so I may need to go back and take more. Thanks!

Here are the photos I have on hand.

image: 993642F3-0DB3-437F-BF22-B301F377A250.jpeg


image: 5D7CB378-AFC4-4910-8B2E-1894FE6F1C76.jpeg


image: 69A7233A-03E9-4187-A820-F8DC3C61C565.jpeg


image: 5CBB56AA-2D62-4AFA-AFE2-462F01DF823E.jpeg