New to Industry - missing ink plate

Hello, just got into letterpressing and all my knowledge I’ve gathered from this amazing community.

I bought my first press (Kelsey 3x5) and it’s in need of restoration. However what’s most important is that I find an ink plate which it did not come with. Anyone know where I can purchase or if it’s possible to make one with the right tools.

Thank you so much in advance.

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What model Kelsey 3 x 5?


I have a Kelsey Exselsior at another location that I may be parting out. I will have more details next week. Feel free to contact me direct at 516-633-5107.
Larry Lionetti

If your runs are going to be extremely short, one can get an
engineering friend to weld up a disc and a post of suitable diameter, BUT this won’t turn automatically, and will need turning with a finger - which will get inky - almost every pull.
I’ve seen this in an artists studio, who only wanted a dozen or so of each job. Bodge-Ho is my motto!

You need a Kelsey Ink Plate or “Disc” as I call ‘em for your 3x5 I will also check my “junk heap” for a Disc. Meanwhile maybe a pic or two of your press for Briar Press members to take a look at. Do you have the chase (type frame)? Ink rollers? etc…

Hello! Yes, it is missing a couple more things than just the disc. Here some pics from the seller. Thank you for the response.

image: 6245C71A-61DE-4BDD-957D-F6180151F35A.jpeg


Here is a top view.

image: EB5895A8-78C4-4A06-BE37-BD66C6F80092.jpeg


Here’s someone that has cast ink discs for the Excelsior…
Hope this helps.