Rollers not working :(

I’m a research assistant at a university’s graphic design department in Turkiye, now I am trying to establish a letterpress studio in our department but I have some problems with one of the machines. photos are attached. The platen press with black plastic trucks is the problem one. rollers are not rolling on rails. as you’ll see the width of the trucks and the rails are not equal, should this be the main reason? rails are much thinner.

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many presses have wrong size or design of rollers. click on my name and send message for my email .photos will send better, I would like to see what you have. Todd

If you haven’t already, completely clean the rails and trucks; even a little oil will let them slide instead of rolling. (That is, don’t lube the rails.)


make sure there are no flat spot on the trucks. even a small one could, “plant itself” and stop the whole ass’y from turning.