Are old style and new style C & P parts the same?

I have a C & P 12 x 18 new style. Can you use old style parts on a new style, specifically roller frames.

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Can you elaborate? “Roller Frames” ?

Can you elaborate? “Roller Frames” ?

Roller frames that hold the rollers.

Roller Frame.

image: Rollerframe


The only thing I know is interchangeable between New Series and Old Series C&Ps is the flywheel because I’ve seen it done a few times. And that may have required some modifications. Chases probably are as well, but I don’t know for sure. Most of the structural castings are significantly thicker and heavier in New Series presses, so they probably aren’t interchangeable. I wouldn’t expect the roller frames to be either, but I don’t know that anyone has ever tried.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

This is from long memory so might not be perfectly accurate. Years ago I had a C&P 8X12 which had a very late old series serial number of B5979, so was built in 1911. It had an old series split ink disc with all the counter-rotating ink disc gears intact. It also had an old series flywheel with curved spokes. All the rest of the press was new series. I speculate that it was built just as the factory was changing over and was using up whatever old series parts they still had left. You would have thought it would have a new series serial number, since most of the press was new series, but it didn’t. So judging from that experience, at least some old and new series parts are interchangeable.

P.S. I sold the press to Dave Churchman in 1995. If anyone reading this has 8X12 number B5979, I would like to hear from you and can give you some background on it.