Albion press shipping?

Hi I’m selling an Albion hand press . I’m from southern Indiana . Anyone know a outfit who can pickup and deliver this beast

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It depends on from where to where

Plenty of local riggers for in state or regional delivery’s

Rodger Tappy coms to mind

Plenty of LTL shippers that will probably destroy it.

There are a few folks that will carefully move it and deliver it

Tappy is the best.

Need a buyer !

Here is a pic of the press .

image: 2FF8BC07-9E6B-4E8D-9898-BD3BDA63B273.jpeg


Not many left like this!..

image: D4E8D092-71DF-442B-A5F8-601519C9FD95.jpeg


Looks kinda bullet-proof (pun intended). I don’t think I would want to move something that heavy though. Does it still work?

It it right to call this an Albion press? maybe some other name would be more correct. Very interesting mechanism, never seen one like that before. Certainly not Earl Stanhopes Improvement device.

I wouldn’t call it an Albion. the direct Action for the Platen to go down is very similiar to Krause Arming or Vergoldepressen. This Press excerted a great amount of Pressure nd make me wonder if it was used for Proofing cuts or such, but it’s not a Production Press for Printing as in Letterpress per se.

This press is listed on the 1923 ATF catalog, page 929, with this description:

The Rouse Proof Press No. 2 is designed on entirely original lines and embodies principles that are a distinct advance in mechanical construction and operation. An abundance of power is supplied by a remarkably efficient and simple combination of lever eccentric and toggle, which multiplies the power immensely just as the impression is being taken. The path of the lever, which can be lengthened or shortened, is in a vertical plane, permitting the operator to put sufficient weight on it to get satisfactory results. For proofing halftones for overlays the Rouse Proof Press No.2 is in a class by itself. Fine-screened plates the full size of the platen can be proofed with comparative ease. An adjustable, rigid support for the center of the bed prevents any spring and also obviates any extra makeready.
The bed is moved in and out by means of a rack and gear, and an automatic locking device prevents any movement of the lever until the bed is centered under the platen. The press is also equipped with a one piece steel frame frisket, which is easily removed.
Measurements of the Rouse Proof Press No.2 are as follows: Bed, 14xl7 inches; platen, 12xl5 inches; base, 20x24 inches; floor space over all, 24x40 inches. Shipping weight, about 800 lbs. Send for descriptive circular and price

Boggs sold one on its original stand in 2012: