Kluge EHD feeding arm problem

I have problem with Kluge feeding arm. Check out this video https://youtu.be/GuzUDlrvjkA . It has strange oscillating movement of feeding arm, and it’s not picking up paper. Any thoughts how to adjust it?

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Your best bet is to contact me. There can be a lot of things wrong. This fix is likely simple, but, to arrive at that point is a process. you could easily have 2 different issues here. It sounds like your pump is not good.

There is a lever near the top of the feeder that you engage when you swing the feeding arm overhead. It’s probably still engaged.

Thank you @ericm and @Sharecropper Press for answers, but this problem is more complex.
This press come preadjusted from the refurbishing factory. Everything looked fine until I started setup real work. I found that the platen is too close to die. I had to adjust platen height for 1 mm away from the bed. Then I find out that paper goes too far from the platen. I have moved feeding arm down and shorten one feeding arm rod (check out this image https://flic.kr/p/2iRVsQq). Now feeding works perfectly, but picking of paper does not works and feeding arm in picking position does such strange oscillating movement https://share.getcloudapp.com/E0ublRZW.

ok. shortening the rod you did, “B” in my pic will make the problem worse. you want to lengthen it. Be careful about taking all the adjustment out of just the top piece. as you adjust this rod, you will have to adjust the other to bring the feed arm back into the “range” you want it to operate.
The arm height…. where the arm bends…. Take the arm off of the press…(you can leave the suckers on the cross bar), hold the arm by the upper end, so that the arm is pointing,, angled up. give the angle point, at the elbow, a gentle but firm whack on a cement floor or Something hard and firm will do…. Put the arm back on the press to see if it improved the desired sucker height. Don’t worry, this is how we did it at the factory. do it again, harder if needed. Start out soft though. You can break these arms this way….

image: KlugeFeedHead.jpg


Hi @ericm,

Thank you for your help, really appreciate that.
You are right, the problem of “oscillating feeding arm” appears after “B” rod is shortened. Problem gone away when I have lengthened it, but then my suckers goes far too high on the platen.
Well I see that it needs longer delivery arm and I see only one possibility to make it longer only by bending it. Hope it will help, will let you know about that.

Best regards

Attached is a page from the Kluge Operation Manual. It describes locking and unlocking the head.Your video shows what I have observed when operating the press without unlocking the head. Double check this on your press. It is easy to overlook. If this is not your problem then I defer to Eric’s wisdom.

image: lever.png


watch the video. it is not a locked out eccentric. The dip that is shown is simply an exagerrated adjustment. The “dip” is desirable,(but not this much), when using the “Curved foot” metal suckers and feeding lighter text weight stocks, or even napkins. With rubber suckers, and board weight, not so much. Today’s American card stocks are very difficult to feed. They are stiff and porous. The press seems to take 3 sheets or none, frustrating.

Well, the feeding arm is very stiff, I tried to bend it and seems that it do not respond to any force. I fitted it back on the press and yes - length was changed. Those few parts of degree made noticeable difference in the length. It’s still not perfect, but it works. Here is video how it now picks up the sheet https://youtu.be/phxpYZMUpOs, and here - how it feeds on the platen https://youtu.be/FAL9lG1I-dM.

Thank you @ericm for helping me to solve this problem.
Thank you @SharecropperPress for your message, but it is not a locked out eccentric.

As it’s still not perfect, I’m thinking to grind holes in the feeding arm to make them longer on 2-3 mm and have more space for adjustment. Is it good idea?

image: Kluge_feeding_arm_holes.jpg


i will send you a google drive link showing then bending process. it is very simple. should not need to lengthen slots.

Hi @ericm, thank you! you can send link direct to my e-mail [email protected]

I have one more off topic question - I have manual, but its hard to understand how to change side registration to the right side.

How to change side guide moving direction, that would be possible to register on right side of the sheet?

You change the cam, that’s it. Simple Eh? Now the details.
You will prob want to remove the related spring before switching the cam. It is under there. Get a few spares of this spring. (I can send some) The “dog Bone will need to be changed over. Note which side is up, and which end is where. I have this already attached to my cams. Replace the spring as a last step, this is usually when they fly.
The cam for “operator side” guide has a constant arc. (Shown in the pic). The cam for “Gear side” arcs up but “cuts in” or “back” on itself.
Notice in the pic, I have changed out the 1/4-20 nut that comes stock. I use the same thumb nut that holds down the side guide ass’y. If you choose to do this, look carefully at the nut. One side of it is just a bit thicker (from the knurled part) than the other. I install the thicker side up first, (against the cam), if it rubs on the cam and turns with the cam, or locks the cam in place, i flip the nut over and use the thin side. When changing the cam be sure to check for freedom of movement. You will want to be able to turn the nut to a complete stop, not, “a bit loose”.
The big thing about using the “Gear side” cam is:
A) now you only have the spring pressure pushing the sheet. The “Op side” cam is a positive contact with the cam pushing the sheet.
B) put on a gripper arm and push it down to the platen, then push on the cam itself. make sure it has followed the bottom gripper bar over completely. Sometimes, the Gear Side cam may hang up and not follow completely over. You need to find out why.
The gear side is completely usable. The system must work perfectly for it to do so though. I try to run a register mark on the edge of the sheet if critical/expensive work is done using this side.

image: KlugeSGCam.jpg


Is that “cam” (A) should be changed to different one, I’m right?
Ok, now I understood. I was confused because I have received only one cam with the press and thought that the same cam should be somehow flipped or turned to make it work as right side register.

Thank you!

image: KlugeSGCam.jpg


I think you shot me an email. i can’t find it. I took a video of the arm bending process for you. I includes some side guide cam stuff.