Numbering Machine problem

Running two up on V-50. I cut the rollers so the plunger doesn’t touch the rollers.

The numbering machine will start out great, it print about 30 numbers correctly, than the number will jump from 2570 to 2470.

Some times it will jump the hundreds or tenth.

New machines. Changed out five times. Number just start jumping from 2570 to 2470 on the next impression or it will jump 2570 to 3570.

Help I have 11,000 8.5x11 two to running.

Job was due Monday. spent all Friday and Saturday fighting with it.

I am dead tried from taking the chase out of the press every 3 minutes.

call 281-455-0050 if you can help.

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i assume you have the machines locked up properly? across the top and bottom, not from the sides. some light oil in the mechanism helps. maybe press speed is too slow? hopefully you are buying good quality machines. i would not trust some of the junk on ebay. i am in Milwaukee so rushing some to you is not an easy option. call supplier about issues if there is still a warranty on them.

you probably should use lock wheel machines.


Too much oil can also be a problem.

Running slowly can also help if not lock wheel machines.

Lockwheel machines are built for running on cylinders, such that the numbers can only move when the plunger is depressed. Nice, but it sounds more like your problem involves either something bent, or dirty/over-under lubed.

Presuming you are running machines in line with the rollers—they might settle down if you can turn them with the plungers trailing (never leading on a cylinder press).

Still, sounds like either dirt (proper numbering machine cleaner is invaluable here) or a bent main shaft (depending on brand/make it doesn’t take many doubles/crashes to booger up a main shaft). Disassembly and new parts (or straightening the bent ones) is the only real solution here.

Smaller machines are much more sensitive, whereas big old standard Wetters and American (brand) machines are pretty much war horses—but they’ve gotta be kept clean.

Old Letterpressman… I run v50’s, the Most important things are…1) your form rollers must be adjusted properly…if they are hitting the the machines with too much squeeze they will turn the wheels over. 2) I ALWAYS run lock wheel machines. 3) contrary to popular belief I never “oil” my machines, I soak the machines in solvent that contains 10% of 10 weight hyd oil., brush them off and blast them with compressed air (that dose not have moisture in it) and let them sit overnight to drip of the excess. 4) Lock up is never done by pinching the cases from left to right. You always lock up top to bottom 5) the “No.” on the plunger can never be at the gripper edge of any cylinder press. I would first check form roller settings, then if that isn’t the problem…clean your machines, a dry machine will turn over wheels as well as an oily or inky machine will do the same thing. Try this, clean your machines with wd40 (or PB Blaster), rotating the wheels several times then blow of with compressed air, do this over and over until clean. If you are using Alantic center drive machines…many times this is a problem….this can be tricky as there are 2 small screws on the under side of the plunger assemblies that may need adjusting….if so make 1/8 turn increments at a time paying attention as to what direction you turn the screw and what result you get when you do turn the screw. If you still have questions feel free to call, Bud 559-730-1596…California time.

Oh—check your roller stripe too. It sounds like the rollers may be hitting hard, since they’re not being deflected by the plunger. A stripe between 1/16” and an 1/8” should be able to ink your numbers.

The oil might corrected the problem. This is my first numbering job in many years, and the machine have just been sitting in a closed container since I purchased them.

Aaron what make model of numbering machines?

Off brand - China

waste of your time and mine good luck

someone gave me 6 or 8 of those china machines, I would not waste my time even locking one of those up,

I think I see a major problem. The “No” sit high above the numbers.

Looking at over numbering machine I see that the “No” is not sit high and has a rounded area before and after the “No”.

Going to save up and purchase real numbering machines.
I purchased trash machines!

I wasted three days and 600 sheets of NCR to understand you can’t make junk work.

last tip for this Leibinger model 20 low plunger and lock bar
get ready

Now I have something to wish for this Christmas!