Only one a to be found…

Well, it has happened to me again. Just got in the mail a very nice font of Stephenson Blake 14pt- maybe Times Roman, very similar anyway- but only one ‘a’, 2 ‘r’ and no periods. Wonder what I do with that?

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1. Print an a, r, and if there are colons or semicolons (or i’s) print them too.
2. Scan in prints and create vector art.
3. Print vector art on photo polymer plates.
4. Build plates up with type-high steel or wood (-poly undercut)

Was it the late Steve Saxe who wrote an APHA article about casting type sorts in a composing stick? Anybody have that at hand?
The idea was to use type metal as the matrix of the face, smoke it for release, with the stick forming the body of the type. Today you could probably use silicone for the matrix.

Freeman supply have a cheap sample box for make a mold.
make a square from formed alu foil, with a all around lid like 1/8th inch, fill the mixture in, than half solid place the sort dead center and push down to to the body line, if you spray the sort with crisco, it removes easier. Than the base is solid, leave sort, don’t remove, take alu foil , double it up, sharp fold, wrap around base as a wall and fill with mixture until level with sort. Than hard, you remove the alu, push from the bottom and retrieve sort, melt Lead and fill the void.
You need to file a bit but everytime you have a perfect sort

Or … you could determine the actual type face that is in question.

Then have one of the current type makers cast sorts for you.

Times Roman is available from most of the makers.


Yes, I guess that is the first thing to do. I don’t have an SB catalog to compare it to- doesn’t exactly seem to be times. I’ll proof and post an image.