Restoring a Kelsey 5x8 Model P - questions

I am in the middle of restoring this Model P. It was missing many parts and well rusted together. After reading up and being patient it’s all freed up. I picked up an ink disc and I know where I can find new grippers and rollers. There are two thing that I am held up on.

FedEx dropped it and broke the handle since it wasn’t insured they weren’t will to pay out much for the repair. Is it better to find a new handle or have a cast iron welder try to repair it? For a new handle how do you get the old one out?

Is there is a good source for 5x8 chases? It was missing it’s chase.

Thank you!

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Here is a photo of what I am working with.

image: PXL_20201103_192633737.jpg


Chase you can find at

The Handle can be brazed with Nickel rod and an Stic or Arc Welder

Thank you! I will send an e-mail off.

Are you also missing the bed?


Yes the bed too, sadly. Not sure where to find that. letterpressthings had a Model P chase in stock.

Also thanks for reminding me of that!

Cast iron can also be welded with a MIG welder, however you need to grind out the crack so the weld metal can fill it, and you need to pre-heat and make very short beads (like 3/8” short) and let things cool between welds. Do not try this at home unless you’re a fairly skilled welder.

and you still need a nickel wire which is $$$, HENCE STICK WELDER

I’ve brazed a couple of cast iron parts through the years…. and if I can do it, it can’t be too hard. Welding? That would be beyond my pay-grade. “Im a printer, Jim. Not a miracle worker!”

My first thought would be to find replacement parts from one of the vendors who advertise here. If that doesn’t pan out, then I’d braze them.

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I have a complete model P no rollers 150.00 needs a similar clean up as yours.
plus UPS Ground shipping charge, no charge to pack up or supplies needed to do so.
I have rollers available here or ebay. click on my name send email for photos with message.

Thank you all so far. This is very helpful.

I was planning on finding someone local to do the welding since it’s not in my skill set.

If not I’ll do what Dave said about finding a replacement part.

@toddspresstime I sent you a message about the press.