Metal vs Polymer plates? Two-sided printing…

The big question… which is better?

I have noticed there is still some decent bruising when printing two-sided cards on my C&P 10x15 when using polymer. I can reduce the show-through by limiting the impression depth, but I am curious if using a metal (magnesium, copper) plates would work better in this application?

Any other ideas / tips / tricks on how to work around this issue?

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Use hard packing such as mylar instead of paper or press board. It will create deep impression in the paper without bruising the back (up to a point). Not sure if the plates make much difference in this regard.

I agree with Liber’s answer, I use copper on everything, btw. I still use pressboard (from Bar-Plate) under the tympan. I have used film under the tympan, but the pressboard has worked really well, turning it over after several runs. My packing is usually tympan, then a sheet of 70# coated book, pressboard, and 2-4 sheets coated book underneath as needed.
My solution to show-through has been to print 2 separate sheets, then glue them together, back to back. That way I can use as much impression as I need to. Most users here seem to prefer the potdevin, I just use ATG 2 sided tape which works well with the thicker covers we use.

This is great advice, thank you!