roller dia clarification (Kelsey)

hi folks… I’ve just bought a 3x5 press for my 9yrs old. It’s a NOS (never-ever been used !!) with everything in its original untouched/virgin state. Which also means that the rollers (still sealed in their bags) are unusable. The rollers available online indicate that their dia as 7/8… BUT info on (copied from Elizabeth Harris’ book) shows that the roller should be 1.25 “. Which is correct ??? Thank-you very much in advance….

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Measure your roller trucks. Same size.

Depends what year/model the press is. Sharecropper Press is right on the money. Simply match the new rubber diameter to the truck diameter. Have the roller cores recovered. Provide the trucks…. done. Ramco Rollers, can’t lose.

thanks for the replies… I have 7/8 trucks. On the suggest; “3x5 “Jumbo” Ink rollers - 1.25” diameter, but made to fit the 3x5 (uses 5x8 trucks) - smoother action, better inking”. What are your feelings on this…. if that holds water (ink ;-) ), i could buy bigger rollers along with bigger trucks… or is that a waste of money ???

as far as jumbo roller goes,
you need to be able to make complete rotation on ink disk for even distribution of ink on type.
I have found in my past roller buying days roller makers want you to pick from what they have, not putting any time and research in what you need and works. the common 3x5 Kelsey uses a 7/8” diameter roller.
I gave up on asking for trucks and cores to be mailed in. cost of extra shipping, things getting lost and stuff sent in not belonging to press they have was just a waist of time.
Buy your rollers all new with trucks a matched set ready to print. easy click buy it now and they are on there way.

Back again, I found the fat roller Idea needed some testing. Not to say anything bad about Excelsior guy. There are a few internet sellers using that name, one of them being very Knowledgeable.
I tested on a early square handle and the later round handle 3x5 Kelsey presses.
With hooks pointing up you get maximum rotation. the standard 7/8 inch roller in top hooks got 1 1/2 rotation well inked and bottom hooks got 1 rotation still showing some shape of ink disk. This would be from first touching edge of ink disk till bottoming out of handle. The 1.25 inch roller much fatter and rolled up on disk nicer watch out for grippers. Got one full rotation on top roller and 3/4 rotation on bottom showing shape of ink disk on each roller. You can use with 3-5 pulls of handle to even out ink on rollers each print. I would say 7/8 inch rollers are a better match to this press. This is what I do for fun on a Friday night.

thanks you so much Todd… this is a “dream” (perfect..) response !! T
The world needs more of such passionate people !!

Not 3x5,but..

AFAICT, the rollers for a 5x8 are 1.25” diameter, the core/shaft is 12” long, 3/8” diameter, trucks would be 1/2-3/4” wide. Does that look right? I’m guessing a bit on the shaft length after measuring the distance between hooks. And my calipers say the hooks are about 7/16” inside but other sources say they used 5/16 and 3/8.

(My 5x8 didn’t come with rollers and I can make the cores/trucks, so why not? The materials are on-hand.)