Font ID?

Okay BP Hive Mind - what is it I’m looking at here?

image: font.jpg


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It looks like a variant of Glyptic to me.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

John Henry is correct. Technically, this is Glyptic No. 2, a lighter version of Glyptic. 1878, designed by Herman Ihlenberg and cast by Mackellar, Smiths & Jordan. Nice. What is showing in the pinmark?

I agree with Bob that it is Glyptic No, 2 yet it might be an English casting. Seeing that simontee is posting from New Zealand, I had a feeling that the light cutting (Glyptic No. 2) might have UK origins, and noticed it listed as item 378, in Nicolete Gray as just Glyptic The heavier weight Glyptic face is shown as Monumental, cut by Stephenson Blake on page 94. If someone has an SB catalog perhaps they can comment. Seeing a pin-mark always helps.

Dave Greer

Thanks very much. It was extracted from a bunch of pied type but the guy doing the extracting missed finding the Is.

I’ve not been able to see the pin-mark as it’s pretty obscure for old eyes…