Kort Adjustable Gauge Pins

Hi printing friends! I know these are no longer in production but does anyone have some Kort Adjustable Gauge Pins they’d be willing to sell?


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American Printing Equipment and Supply Co. sell something very similar

I still cannot reconcile myself to the enthusiasm for sticking things of many various patent kinds into the thickness of the press packing, with inevitable holes and funny lumps on that packing. Does the next job have a solid in that same area?

harrildplaten, they’re not stuck into the packing, just the tympan.

What do you use?

24 point thick spaces, with double sided tape both sides. After taking the very light position pull on the packing, and accurately marking where the edges of the sheet are to fall,
my lay quads are applied lightly at first, then taking a final check pull, then press down firmly. Then apply stripping tags in stiff card to the outer side of each quad, positioned of course so as not to be struck by any type line ends or block edges. One can used the quads again and again with fresh d/s tape but its a bind getting the old stuff off!! I’m talking HAND FED clamshell or p.a. platens presses here, Heidelbergs, Albions and Columbians quite different stories of course.

PS 24 point thicks is the limit, much more than 9 points thick might ground on the lock up furniture.

PS 24 point thicks is the limit, much more than 9 points thick might ground on the lock up furniture.

Take a look at the Bar Plate low profile adjustable guides. I have nine of them and use them daily on my 30” Colt/Thomson.

I have a couple of them around here someplace. Send me a private message and I’ll dig ‘em up and send you pictures. Whatcha got to trade?

Actually, I got a set of three with the packaging. I didn’t really like them and eventually went to “compressible” pins. I don’t really like those either, so some of the other suggestions in this thread are intriguing.