Interlocking Furniture

I have a full set (or nearly full) of interlocking furniture. I’ve only realized its actual function recently and I was wondering how useful/effective it is?

Most of my presses are smaller, though we do occasionally lockup in a chase that is something like 16x24 or so…

Will it hold its form with high speed quoins?

Wondering if its something I should hold on to or if there’s value in sending it on to another printer who can make better use of it?

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I have a small set and some pieces are a little worn. I’ve found it to work very well (and be quite useful) on flatbed cylinders. I wouldn’t trust it in my platen press chases. In truth, though, I generally reach for my traditional wood furniture because I’m more accustomed to calculating what I need that way.


I have two styles of interlocking furniture, the heavy Challenge and the lighter Morgan & Wilcox, and I use them on both platen and cylinder whenever I have an odd measure or irregular area to fill, or a large area that I don’t already have mammoth furniture for. Never had slippage with High-speed or Notting style quoins.
I also use them to replace mammoth furniture in standing forms so desired mammoths can go back to work.

Thanks to both of you for the advice - I’ll give them a try

I’ve used them on my Miehle 29 (21 x 28) chase size approx.
But, I preferred larger pieces of die board, which we cut to size.