INK —- Help. Need Van Son Infinity Black - ASAP

Hey there… I’m in need of Van Son Infinity Black. Can anyone direct me to a supplier? Preferably in Canada???

I’ve been using it for about 15 years and it is being discontinued (or so I’ve heard) but I just love this stuff…

I only run my press (AB Dick 9975 PFA) one day per week to print our publication (Coffee News) and I love the Infinity Black because it stays open in the can and I can leave it on the press for seriously weeks/months before needing a wash-up.

If I can’t find it anymore I will have to look around for alternatives (sad day). What do you pros recommend? Rubber based? It seems to be similar (from what I’ve read).

Thanking you all in advance!!

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Here ya go…

9/3 sold out already- new ink at about half price, must have been a good deal.

eBay prices are stupid high.

Buy from a reliable supplier. This company will ship to Canada, I believe.


Thanks… Valley Litho’s website states they have some but they also state that it is being discontinued but Rotason is a replacement.

Does anyone have experience with Rotason?

eBay has been a source of income for me as well as a source of hard to find items when my “reliable supplier” was out of stock. Make sure your seller rates a 98% or better, and has a return policy. Many good companies sell on eBay.

I use Spinks rubber base for most of my black printing. They have acrylic ink that I have not used, but it’s probably good.
I order from Graphic Arts Supply in Hobart Indiana.