Letterpress Classes in Central Florida?

Okay… I’ve tried. I’ve spent hours online trying to find a studio in Central Florida where I can take introductory classes to letterpress printing.

No luck.

So, I’m asking anyone in CF who might know a thing or two, or three or four, about letterpress printing (tabletop, preferably) to instruct me. (I’ll even bring snacks.)

FYI: Traveling to Savannah, GA or Grand Rapids, MI for a 4-5 day class schedule would also be doable.

If you can help, or have any other info, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

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Nice to know you really want to learn letterpress. You say you can’t find help, etc. Willing to travel
to learn, that’s all great….but what about reading a good book for a starter….and then attend classes…..you would probably be ahead of everyone else. When I was a youngster I read several good books and when I studied printing for four years it was easy because I read
and I understood much and others were having problems. There is much you can learn from a book!! It is also economical way to go.




You are quite right! In fact, there’s a copy of “General Printing” with my name on it at Don K. Black Linecasting Service Ltd. (Soon to be heading my way.)

That being said, I’ve heard repeatedly that hands-on learning/teaching is the best way to learn the nuances of letterpress printing. Don’t get me wrong, though: I’m not looking for either/or. I’m looking to do both!

By the way, if you have suggestions on other books, let me know!

Thanks so much for your guidance,

If you are looking to print on a platen (even a tabletop press) I would suggest Platen Press Operation by George J. Mills, Publisher: Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1953.
You can contact NA Graphics for a reprint or pay too much for a reprint on eBay…

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY


Thanks so much! I’m headed to NA Graphic’s website now.



Hi Jacqui,

I just joined the discussion group and I’m in Key West with a Vandercook #4 and would love to find some place to take a class for a day or 2 too. The only place I’ve found is a place in Asheville NC. I can’t wait to get ink on my hands!

Did you have any luck finding some instruction?



No luck as of yet, though I have found that Tampa University has a print shop of sorts. I’m hoping to head over and see the facility sometime during the summer.

Still looking/hopeful!


Hi there,

I am in SW Florida and I have a Heidelberg Windmill. I worked with this press since was 17 years of age. I would gladly show it and even show how to work with it. I am in Fort Myers area.

Hi Jacqui,

I found out that there’s a printing demonstration at the University of Tampa on June 13. If you’re interested email me and I will forward the information I got.

I know this is a super late post… but I ran into the same thing as Jacqui… I’m in Miami and REALLY want to learn letterpress. I’ve had experience with silkscreen before, and want to expand on printmaking techniques… Any idea where I can find someone willing to teach/show me?


Hey Jacqui,
I just came across your post. UCF has fine art classes in letterpress. They have presses at their Center for Emerging Arts (downtown Orlando). I am going to a function there this next Tuesday 11-22. They will be having letterpress examples etc. Here is the invite. http://tinyurl.com/8x9zcd4
and here is a video about Flying Horse Editions (UCF). http://tinyurl.com/755pbml

I am in downtown Orlando as well. I started letterpress printing about a year ago. Still dabbling in it. I have an etching press- and built a chase for it to lock up my cuts and vintage wood type. You can see more in my posts. If there is anything I can help you with, feel free to message. Take care.