Nylon strapping tape really necessary?

Hi there!

I just got my new C&P Pilot and I am getting all the final materials that I need. I was wondering if it’s strictly necessary to tape the rails of the press before printing? I’ve noticed some people don’t tape them so I was wondering if this is more for adjusting the height when the rollers are a little bit off.

Thanks a lot!

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Some tape the rails, some tape the trucks. You can use Morgan Adjustable trucks. All depends on the press, rollers and adjustments.

Tape is ONLY used as needed for adjustment if the rails are worn. Rails are relatively soft cast iron and trucks are steel. As no oil can be used on the rails, the steel wears down the iron. John Falstrom sells a very nice simple roller height measurement tool. I favor tape on the rails. Other experienced printers advocate tape on the trucks. Either, carefully done will work. I would not suggest strapping tape.

Why does you not get your “trucks” reverse engineered in a softer material like brass or even a composite like plastic ?

Great! thanks all! My press is brand new so probably there’s no need for tape at this point I guess!

Thanks a lot!!

Where, in heavens name did you find a new C&P Pilot press? They have not been produced for half a century. You are indeed fortunate.

I use the strapping tape and it works perfectly on my 10x15.

If the press was correctly made the rails should be exactly type high and there is no need for taping them. If the rollers and trucks are the same diameter (rollers very slightly larger in diameter) you should get perfect inking without any additional adjustments.


Jhenry: My bad! is not exactly brand new meaning never used haha. I said brand new because it was refurbished completely and it look brand new sorry if I gave you a mini heart attack! haha.

Thank everyone for all you help! I am pretty sure that I don’t need the tape for now.