Help with Golding Jobber No.6, please.

Hi all; Golding presses aren’t that common over here in the UK, but I have to say this one has been a joy to use. Until very recently, that is. I hope someone here will point me in the direction of a quick fix.

The press was very easy to treadle, and moved very smoothly; just recently, though, it’s become very stiff on the opening stroke, and has a definite squeak to it. I tracked down the source of the squeaking to the left hand of the two long springs in the body (which, if I’ve understood correctly, are compressed on the opening stroke to aid the closing stroke). I’m not certain that this is the reason the press is stiff to open, though - it may be just a symptom, or it may be just fine.

Other notes:
- I run a fair few machines and am pretty fastidious about oiling (though, of course, it’s possible I missed some oiling points). In any case, everything is very well oiled at the moment, and it doesn’t seem to have a made a lot of difference.
- I’ve ruled out the roller mechanism and the treadle by disconnecting them, and I don’t think the flywheel is to blame.

I’d appreciate any thoughts from those with experience of the presses. I’m back in front of it next Wednesday, so I’m gathering all my troubleshooting tips between now and then. Thanks, all.


image: golding_jobber_spring_small.jpg


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Hello Nick,

John Fahlstrom is a Golding expert in the USA. I would try contacting him. His Briar Press listing is:

Hope this helps,


Hi Geoff; thanks for the reply. In fact, John’s already been kind enough to get in touch, saying he has no idea. Doesn’t bode particularly well for the problem…

If you are sure there was no actual incident that caused this sudden change, somehow you have to try to isolate where the problem is by process of elimination. The springs are under a lot of tension, so l would leave them alone though. You can disconnect other parts to remove them from the equation. I would not be doom and gloom yet. It could be something quite easy to correct. It sure is an odd one.

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Hi John; I’m as sure as I can be that there hasn’t been an actual incident that might have damaged something: it’s just become very stiff on the opening stroke. It still closes pretty easily (I would say just as easily as it used to); previously, though, the flywheel’s momentum would be enough to keep it going, and it now needs a lot of pressure on the treadle to keep it going. It *can* be operated, but I’m really loath to do that in case I’m causing damage.

If you’ve a suggested order for disconnecting things, then that would be a great help- I’ve eliminated the rollers and the treadle itself, but removing other parts seems like more of an involved job.

Is it possible that some foreign material has fallen into the mechanism associated with opening the press? Perhaps some paper in the teeth of a gear, or a piece of lead somewhere in the works? That could cause the press to bind at regular intervals.

@sharecropperpress Good thought - certainly not impossible.

To John Falstrom, just noticed I spelled your name wrong. My apologies. Hope you are well, Geoff

Last call for suggestions, please - I’m back in front of the press in 14 hours, and need to have 1,200 cards done by the end of the day …

The best I can offer is really use your eyes as you hand cycle the press with the flywheel. Get some good light on it and look from every angle at every moving part as you slowly cycle it. Try cycling it both forwards and backwards as well. Sometimes just by careful observation suddenly something shows up.