Valuation of Wooden Type

I have been helping a local service club deal with the contents of an old printing office in Cayuga Ontario, Canada. There are a number of fonts of old wooden type that I said I would try to put a reasonable valuation on. Is there any formula that’s generally used for this sort of thing? I’ve attached some pictures to give you an idea of what we’re dealing with. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.

image: CAYUGA TYPE 1.jpg


image: CAYUGA TYPE 2.jpg


image: CAYUGA TYPE 3.jpg


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Ian: You’ve got some significant print museums in Ontario: Mackenzie House in Toronto, Mackenzie Print Museum in Niagara, Howard Iron Works in Hamilton, plus others I expect I just don’t know (being the Vancouver side of the country). If top dollar is not top priority you could reach out to these organizations. Grimsby organizes an annual printers fair — called the Grimsby Wayzgoose. It would be worth getting in touch with its organizers. Is other equipment being disposed of also? Good luck, Mike Barnes, Cap-a-Pie Press, Mayne Island, B.C.

Thanks Michael - Good suggestions. I did my very first bit of printing at Mackenzie House about 35 years ago. The Wayzgoose is an appealing idea.There’s also a lovely little Pearl press which the group is keeping and which I’ll be looking after for the next little while at least.

You can look on Ebay. Type however seems to go for kinda cheap, unless it is a rare font. Good luck. It seems like full sets of furniture also. Beutifully made and maintained, just doesn’t pull a lot of price. it is kinda sad.

I was told once to value wood type at a dollar an inch per piece. So a 12-line face would be $2 per piece times the number of pieces, every piece counts. I use this as sort of a rule of thumb when looking at fonts of wood type for sale.

Thanks, Selene - I’ve heard that formula before. It’s good to hear it from another source!

I would think that the formula would substantially undervalue some wood type - full sets are worth more as are capital letters in a full set. some fonts are worth more than others

Just dont think there is a simple formula to value antique type.

You might take a look at cost of newly cut wood type. I think the old, vintage is worth more, but others may disagree.