Does this piece go on this press?

Going through my things, I dusted off this old tabletop press, along with this orphan piece. Does it go on this press? I don’t see anywhere that it would. If you could identify the piece, tell me how it goes on the press, or tell me that it definitely doesn’t, I would be grateful. Thank you!

image: pr1.JPG


image: pr2.JPG


image: pr3.JPG


image: pr4.JPG


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I am sure others who have tabletop presses will know more. I think that is the gripper bar with attaching parts. Not sure if you have all the parts though. You will need the two grippers.

That is definitely a gripper bar for some press. Kinda hard so see in your pic, but, I don’t the mounting holes or ears on your press for it. Maybe hold it across the bottom of your platen to see if the length looks correct. It may lead you to clues as to how it is mounted,,,, IF it is supposed to be. I think I attached a pic of a different gripper bar with the ears on the end circled. You would need something to function like these. Thee lever will touch something on the press and close the grippers as the press closes.

image: oldpressparts1.jpg


You’re both right! I wasn’t thinking too hard when I made this post. It is a gripper bar and I managed to attach it to the press, although it doesn’t seem to move properly when the press closes. I will tinker with it. Thank you!

What is this press? I don’t recognize it personally.

Try mounting it with the lever “up”. It may hit the chase causing it to close. Don’t break your press, so be slow, and careful.