Adjusting the pulley motor on Heidelberg platen 10x15

Hello All. I am looking for any advice on adjusting the spring loaded pulley clamp on the motor.

It looks like the belt is not running on the spindle more like its being sandwiched by the pressure of the two plates.

I just recently installed the motor & belt and I want to make sure It does not wear down. I’m just a bit hesitant of messing with the screws at the end of the motor as it seems to be spring loaded. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers

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At what speed do you have the press running? The variable speed pulley on most Heidelberg platens will use spring tension to create a smaller or larger “spindle” for the belt to ride on. Lower speeds will pulley will open all the way up and the belt will ride on the spindle. Higher speeds and the pulley will close and the belt will be sandwiched between the two plates you’ve described.


Thanks Bradley, this makes sense. I run another Heidelberg with a thinner belt and was concerned.

The belt runs on the Spindle at the low speed as you described. It seems to run nice I was just not sure with the wider belt set up on this press.

My vague OHC memory is to only adjust the pulley when the motor is running.