Unknown 42pt 1800s metal type?

Can anybody ID this type? Pin mark on the side is a plain circle with the size (42) inside it.

I’ve been looking through a few late 1800s and early 1900s specimen books but haven’t found an exact match yet.

Some maybe unusual aspects are the middle arm of the E (and F) being longer than the top, and the extra spacing at the top of the type body while the descenders extend below the body (which will make it more difficult to support while printing since the descender height is about 4pt taller than standard leading).


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The typeface shown in the link is called Erratick Outline.

It appears in the 1900 ATF Desk Book of Type.

The outline version was made to register with the regular (solid) Erratick, a few characters of it also shown in your photo.

Michael Vickey
Nickel Plate Press

That’s it! Thank you, Michael!

If anyone else is curious, here’s a cleaned up version of the relevant page from the 1900 ATF book:


And another sheet from a slightly earlier 1893 Marder, Luse & Co specimen book showing the solid and outline versions: