C&P gears making a lot of noise. Advice?

Hi all, I’ve been working on a new-to-me 10x15 old-style C&P, and after oiling it up, there is this consistent, loud clicking noise, that seems to be the cam gear and the main gear interfacing in perhaps an undesirable way. It’s consistent throughout a full revolution of the main gear, so it doesn’t seem like the cam shaft is bent or anything. I’m new to C&Ps (my other press is a 7x11 Pearl, which is a bit simpler) so maybe this is something that y’all have seen before? The gears themselves are clean and in good shape. Would love any tips or advice. Thank you! Video with sound here:

Thank you! -Jacob

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Usually, in any machine when two gears grind like that, they are too close together. How loose are the bearings, especially in the shaft for the bigger gear? If the bearing is very worn, it may be allowing the bigger gear to settle down on the smaller gear, so they are too close together. Is there play in the bigger gear’s shaft bearing? Can you move the bigger gear’s shaft up and down in the bearing by grabbing hold of it and lifting it? (Use gloves and don’t hurt yourself while trying this). If there is play, and the bearing is worn fairly evenly, you may be able to slide some brass shim stock in between the bearing and the shaft, to take up the slack and move the gears apart slightly. If you can do that, it should last for some time, especially since I’m assuming the press isn’t in regular production. (The best way to fix the problem would be to Take the press apart and bore out the bearing and put a sleeve in, but I’m assuming you would not want to do that).

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Jacobmcmurray, My 2 cents worth. The pinon gear should be centered over the main gear, some people call the main gear the bull gear.I would remove the pinon and inspect the wear, you might have it in reversed from when it was removed.Oil is the press’ friend from the video your press sounds very dry.best james

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