Are they still open?

I had a purchasing officer from a state prison call me to see if American Printing Equipment and Supply was still open for business. He said that they had placed a large order back in January and since then had not been able to reach them by phone, email, or direct mail, numerous times, and the order was never sent. They were also known by American Wood Type. At one time, they were a major supplier, primarily schools, in their earlier days. They owned Megil Gage Pin Co. but even even that seems to have folded. Does anyone know for sure if they are still operating?

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They have a website and a phone number.
516-437-9105 answering machine only.

Thanks—I was aware of the website, and I just did a Google search on their address in Farmingdale NY and they had downsized again. The street view dated from 12/21. The fact that a phone call gets only an answering machine is not too promising.

I was told by Hal Sterne when I bought NA Graphics in 1996 that American was on its last legs. The last of the Kreiter brothers was running American then but he was in his 90s and the business passed to the son-in-law who down sized the firm from its Long Island City location in the early 2000s. Theo Rehak was employed by them to supervise the disposal of some of their equipment, like the Megill stamping machines, and I ended up with cases of new type case parts made by Stephen Blake, in fact, a whole semi-truck load of stuff. And in recent years, they stopped buying several items from me.

They used to print a very impressive catalog every two years. The last one I have is the 2000-01 catalog that ran 144 pages. The Farmington address doesn’t look too promising.

Hello all,
I placed an order online last week and it arrived this past Tuesday.
still in business.
Ted Lavin
Artificer Press