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check the people that make the Shaeffer...25 May
Hello all, I placed an order online...25 May
Is the press all the way off...23 Aug
Is the press all the way off...23 Aug
The top and bottom item are scrapers...22 Aug
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see photo This is a form for numbering...28 Oct
How about galley racks 17 Jul
Fill in center of die try a couple of...17 Jul
Hello All, As a Freemason we have a...25 Apr
Hello, give my associate Jack Poirier...20 Mar
Hello, give my associate Jack Poirier...20 Mar
Run on 12 x 18 Kluge 111# Gmund Max...12 Dec
Hello Enrique, Can you get the...1 May
Hello, a somewhat common issue with...10 Sep
For Rubber Base, Oil Base, mettalics...14 Jun
Ok but you have nothing to lose if it...19 Sep
Sound to me like a salvage...18 Sep
Hello Anthony, you could buy aluminum...5 Apr
Try Markwell Mfg. 692 Pleasant St...13 Jan
Fritz, thanks for the provenance. Ted...6 Jan
just thought -check to see if the...17 Dec
Hello John, could you please send more...4 Dec
Printed the invites last night using...27 Jan
You don't get it. Very small...22 Jan
Sylvia, from personal experience (the...22 Jan
Yes, Michael computer to plate it is....19 Jan
In the shop where I am located the...8 Jan
Concord Engraving is the way to go for...29 Dec
Hello, I converted my kluge to using...24 Dec
Hey guys, I think the .012 rubber sheet...18 Dec
Hello Glosta83 I have 3 x 5 Kelsey...16 Nov
Hello try this. Mount your plate and...6 Oct
Hello, - fyi - dickg polyfibron patch...10 Aug
Hello Mare, welcome to the kluge...20 Jul
In my day job as an estimator when...2 Jul
It's been awhile. Ready willing and...24 Jun
Sorry didn't know I stuttered lol10 Jun
Sorry didn't know I stuttered lol10 Jun
One Kluge guy to another. Thanks for...10 Jun