Wood Type ID

Hi All,
I have just acquired this font of wood type in the UK. It is 13.5 lines letter height ( no spacing) and there is no makers mark, does anyone recognise the face? Thank you in advance.

image: 20230616_225426.jpg


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It looks like a condensed version of Concave (which Skyline Type Foundry has in metal).

Looks like:
Caxton No. 57

W. H. Bonnewell & Co., Caxton Letter Works and Printing Material Manufactory, London

Thanks for your comments. I have had confirmation that it is Caxton No. 57 shown in the 1870 Bonnewell catalogue.

Thanks Winkelhaken.
Have just found the Pin Mark for Day and Collins. Looking at their catalogue it’s tiltled Ornamental No. 3. Thank you all for your help, quite surprised at seeing at least 3 makers with such a similar font.