Help for Golding Official?

We are trying to get our Golding Official 6x9 press working. We have 3 issues.

1. The rollers aren’t rolling ink against the block.

2. There is some serious friction and difficulty when raising the handle as the rollers go from vertical to reach the ink plate.

3. The peice that advances the ink disk is missing, so we have to make a new one
Any suggestions?


image: Screenshot_20230726_212259_Gallery.jpg


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Your springs look way too strong for the application, that’s where I’d start. I had a similar issue when I had to replace one on my press (same model, same missing ink pawl…I haven’t fixed mine yet personally, I just add a flick of the disk on each print)

Galen.. OK. That makes sense. When I get loser springs though,… Wont that also keep the rollers away from the impression area? Or do I just have to get the perfect spring strength?


I think the comment about the springs is on target. I have a couple of references which confirm that the Official used a different kind of spring for the rollers, that attached to the holes at the ends of the roller shafts and to the roller arm itself, or one part was wrapped around the roller shaft at the roller arm, with the other end inserted in the hole. These springs were probably not as strong as the coil springs you are using, and those are too long for the space, so that they look to be “bottoming out” as the rollers pass the “hump”. This image isn’t of the best but you can see the spring and how it attaches. Shorter and perhaps weaker coil springs might serve, but it looks like the roller hook shaft is too short for those springs. The Sigwalt Nonpareil was a nearly exact copy of the Official, but the roller hook shafts are longer, allowing a longer space for the coil springs Sigwalt used.

image: IMG_6171.jpeg


You will need, I think, either to find something like theGolding springs, or springs about the same length at you have but fewer coils to allow the spring to compress without the coils touching each other at “the hump”.

FWIW, I just measured the springs on a #2- the wire was about 0.027” dia.and there were about 20 coils.

These springs don’t need to be very strong, only enough to keep the rollers in contact with the type and plate

Please note as I pointed out to your request for info on facebook, that your hooks are upside down and it matters. As Adlibpress pointed out correctly, Golding used a custom spring. Never a compression spring. Because of the short hook it is difficult to get just the right compression spring to work properly. The custom springs that were originally on the press don’t have the bottoming out problem a compression spring does. Make sure you flip the hooks as you are unknowingly making the spring problem worse.