sorting type?

haven’t been on here in a few years. just purchased a 5x8 kelsey model o with a some type that’s piled in the bottom of a box. is there a trick to sorting the thousands of letters? thanks. jim

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No real trick, stand them up with the notches going the same direction, and start sorting.

Or get a type case, and pick up each letter, identify it, and drop it in its correct box. You may wind up with more than one font but they should be easier to separate into fonts when all the letters you are comparing are the same letter of the alphabet.
Bob (who had to sort an entire type cabinet that got dumped together in shipping! :-).

I’ve done loads of this down the years and will shortly be sorting sorting a case with mixed 12 and 13 !! I always find
that one can pick out the widest characters M, &, em rule etc
and then try at picking the thinnest . , etc it does at least reduce the total volume! Mixed faces call for other tricks.
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