How to request special cuts or entire alphabets

If you see an initial cap in the Cuts & Caps that you like, you might want to download the entire alphabet. Unfortunately, that’s not usually possible.

We find our ornaments and initial caps in old specimen books that rarely display entire alphabets. Even when we do have a full character set, we don’t usually convert every letter to vector art for Briar Press, since doing so is a very time-consuming process.

Special requests

If you need an initial cap, ornament, or word(s) in a particular style that you see on the site, we may be able to provide you with a vector file by special request for a small fee and if time allows. Contact Briar Press if you would like to make such a request.

Each source image has to be scanned and repaired before being converted to a vector file. We do this process by hand, so the time (and thus, the cost) is different for each piece.

Please note that the time involved depends on the quality and complexity of the source image. The clarity of images in specimen books is affected by the the skill of the printer, the paper used, the condition of the type, and how much bleeding or spreading has occurred during printing.